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We would like to take some time to introduce you to our company Breba Trading was founded in 2010 as a family company with the core business of designing, creating and distributing plush items. What started as a small-scale family company is now an international enterprise with a range of products that can be delivered all over the world. Our variety of products is attuned to the final user, the customer.

More than just plushies
A team of enthusiastic professionals works hard every day to lift the concept of ‘plushie’ to a higher level. Effort has been made to make the complete collection multifunctional. Our products are more than just cuddly toys! We try to surprise as many senses with them as possible. For example, our toys offer smell, warmth, sensation and above all a smile!

Noxxies plush

Children Stool

Children Stools

Brighten a kid room. a playroom or your living room with one of the Noxxiez children stools.

The noxxiez stools can be used for sitting, resting your feed or to play with. Kids love them! A padded cushion at the seat surface gives extra sitting comfort. The Noxxiez stools can be easily integrated into a variety of decorative styles. The luxurious appealing of the stools make them popular by both children as parrents. 

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The Noxxiez handwarmer pillows are a collection of animal shaped round giant plush items.

Due to the size, appearance and shape, the handwarmer will gain a lot off interest on the shop shelves. Each handwarmer has 2 openings on their sides allowing you to warm your hands inside them. By using the side holes, children feel safe and secure. They can even use it to hide little personal treasures. Due to the super soft filling, the handwarmers can be used as a pillow on the couch, in the car or in a stroller. The measurements are approximately 35cm x 35cm x35cm. The wide range ensures a personal favorite for everyone.

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